Bookkeeping Bites – We Love Awards!

We are absolutely besides ourselves with excitement for being the headline sponsor at this year’s Hampshire Women’s Business Group Awards……. Our membership and affiliation with this local, Hampshire based networking group is long standing, regularly contributing to their online Facebook page and attending the face to face networking meetings.

But, what is the worth of awards? Should you bother? How do you write a ‘don’t read any others, just give ME the award’ nomination?

The reasons for ‘Yes, you should bother’ are many, and it doesn’t take a whizz-brain to work them out.

There is the recognition of your expertise, the service you offer or the products you sell…. This in turn allows you to stand out against your competitors…… Which means you may see an upturn in your sales volume……

Of course, there is also the thought of a luxurious, sparkly, champagne fueled awards night for you and your staff to attend in anticipation of winning. Is there anything more motivation for your staff than a bit of industry recognition and position of kudos? Other than a hiking £20k pay rise, probably not.

Want to know more, then check out this article ‘9 Reasons Why You Should Enter Business Awards’ via the link:

Are there any reasons why you shouldn’t enter awards……? Well, there is the hassle of having to polish your shoes for the awards night, or diarise time to complete your nomination….. So, on reflection, no, not really.

So, now you know you SHOULD enter awards.. What about the entry? How do you make yourself stand out to be a player for the final award?

The answer really revolves around planning your nomination… Don’t rush it… Research the content for your nomination:

  • What do the judges want to see?
  • What is your mega story that matches what the category is awarding?
  • What evidence can you supply to support your entry?

Experts are out there to help, who really know their stuff… How about this as a starter:

When it comes to us, our headline sponsorship enables us to encourage local businesses to shout about themselves, so they get the recognition they deserve. Which we love by the way.

Of course, if it is us you want to find out about, why we do what we do, then you can find out more at the ‘About Us’ section on our website

After all, we like being seen and noticed too…..

Business of the Year Award – with headline sponsors, Now Accounting Services Ltd