Bookkeeping Bites – Stand By Your Gate!

Well, what we actually want to say is STANDBY YOUR GOVERNMENT GATEWAY ACCOUNT!!

There was an interesting ditty from Big G today regarding the claim portal for the #CoronaVirus Job Retention Scheme (nattily abbreviated to CJRS…… We call it furloughing).

The most interesting part is that Big G is hoping for the claim portal to be LIVE by the 20th April 2020…

(Please give them some leeway on this, it is a mammoth task to achieve, so I think we should be open to forgive if there is a little delay… 🙏)

The other interesting part is that if you use a PAYROLL BUREAU to process your payroll (e.g. any payroll bod external to your company….) then it may be, and we are saying MAY, that they will not be able to access the claim portal, and you, as a business owner, will need to do the claiming….

A bit tricky considering most business owners use a payroll bureau because they don’t want to do payroll (fair enough) so therefore the payroll bureau holds all of the information they need 🙈

So, stand by your GOVERNMENT GATEWAY accounts!!! It may be that you, as the employer, will need to apply for a different type of PAYE access or reference number to be able to do this…. And if you do, there is a process to follow, and guess what? It ain’t quick……

What we can say is that accounting bodies and lobbyists (yes, the latter do exist ❤️) are trying hard to get this clarified, and as soon as we know, you will too 🤩🤩🤩

Stay safe people, stay home, save lives #InItTogether