Bookkeeping Bites – We Have Partnered with FLUIDLY!

We have partnered with the phenomenal, lovely people at Fluidly ( to offer OUR lovely people the most innovative CASHFLOW FORECASTING tool around!!!

A fancy piece of software that feeds from your existing accounting package, Fluidly glides and slides through 12 months of your business’s cash flow history, to forecast your coming months cash flow….

Forget DUE DATES (soooooooo old school, darling)…

Think EXPECTED DATES based on the ACTUAL past payment behaviour of your customers…

Clever, eh? Thats why were with them 👊 from today (have we mentioned that bit?)

Just imagine, Fluidly identifies a serious billing issue that was holding cash up in your business, that you hadn’t even seen?

(Yes, with our help it is that freakin’ clever 😊)

Fluidly helps you spot it, correct it and then who knows what you could do with that freed up cash?

Hmmmm, lets think 🧐

💥 Develop a new product?

💥 Develop your skills with that training course you can now afford?

💥 Hire more staff?

💥 Give you a cash surplus?

💥 Treat you and your staff to an impromptu party (whilst adhering to HMRC’s guidance on social functions and parties, natch 😆)

Your cashflow sleepless nights could be well and truly over…..

And from today, we are one of their approved Fluidly Cashflow Advisors. We are right proud and dandy of that ❤️❤️❤️

If you want to find out more about how Fluidly can help you, then why not drop us a comment, we would LOVE to hear from you.