Bookkeeping Bites – Are you Claiming Enough?

Are you claiming enough for your home office expenses?

The Corona Virus has given most of us, a different setting for our working environment.

Out the back door are purpose built offices, with correct height desks and chairs, and clear, crips lighting.

Enter stage right a make shift desk, in the corner of a room, and hastily phased out Zoom backgrounds of home paraphernalia (or in my case, just plain clutter 🙈)

But! 🏠Are you claiming enough for your home office expenses? 🏠

Big G updated their guidance on home office expenses, in light of the expected increase in the amount of workers using their home as an office during this period…

🤓 Did you know, for instance, that the weekly allowance for home office working has been raised from £4 to £6 a week, as of the 6th April 2020?

🤓 Use actual home expenses to calculate your home office costs? Then make sure you have updated your calculations to include the April council tax increases and any increased in utility bills too.

Use this time (if you have it 😍) to update your home office expenses in your accounting software or spreadsheet NOW, so you don’t forget it LATER.

For the updated guidance from Big G, check out this link:

Please remember, if you are a furloughed worker, either for your employer or your own company, you cannot claim any home office expenses for the time you are furloughed……… Makes sense though, right?

And if anything isn’t clear, get in touch 🤩🤩🤩

Stay alert people, and stay safe 😍😍😍