Bookkeeping Bites – Are You ON Your Cash Flow?

Are you planning a REOPENING BONANZA soon? Flags, banners, champagne and popsicles all around?

Don’t lose track of your CASH whilst in the planning…..

Think about a CASH FLOW FORECASTING TOOL – and we would recommend our partners at FLUIDLY…

🤓 A THREE or TWELVE month cash flow forecasting tool

🤓 Links in with your Xero or Quickbooks accounting software, so no re-inputting, just link ’em up!

🤓 Works on the PREDICTED payment of your customers NOT due dates…..

🤓 As approved FLUIDLY CASH FLOW ADVISORS, we offer the same and MORE than buying direct from Fluidly (and at better value rates too 😍😍)

Now back to that REOPENING – check out this useful little ditty from Fluidly on how to keep on top of your CASH as you SPLASH to get open again.

Stay safe everyone xx