Bookkeeping Bites – “Why are we waiting?!! Always so frustrating!”

We sit here, we wait… What for? Big G’s next BIG UPDATE on PART TWO of the SELF EMPLOYED INCOME SUPPORT SCHEME….

It is DUE OUT TODAY……. So, whilst we sit and wait, we wonder….

🧐 Will they keep it THE SAME?

🧐 Will it be the SAME PROCESS?

🧐 How will the NEW 70% pay out work?

🧐 Will they ask MORE QUESTIONS when you claim?

🧐 Will they ask the self employed – are you STILL being adversely affected by Corona Virus???

Who knows?!! Well, one thing is for sure, as soon as we do, YOU WILL!

Keep safe people, until we meet again over a BIG G UPDATE! 😍😍😍