Bookkeeping Bites – ‘Adversely Affected’ Explained


“Hey! Hey You! Are you SURE you can claim that?”

We are working in a brave new world, a new world of the revised Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (or SEISS – part of Big G’s Corona Virus financial support)….

And the key words, this time around, are:


Ok, so, why?

The SECOND ROUND for claims under the SEISS will take place in August (date TBC folks) and is for businesses that have been, in Big G’s words:

‘ADVERSELY AFFECTED on or after the 14th JULY’

So, Big G has failed to actually furnish us with the exact definition for this old catchy tune of ‘ADVERSELY AFFECTED’ but we can give you some idea….

Are you:

On sick leave due to Corona Virus?
Caring for someone due to Corona Virus?

Has your business:

Been scaled down or temporarily stop trading?
Had an interrupted supply chain?
Had fewer or no customers or clients?
Had staff unable to come into work?

YES? Then, you may well possible be in the ‘ADVERSELY AFFECTED’ gang (membership strictly monitored peeps!)

Want some examples?No problem, check out this link from Big G:

Want the full guidance?No problem, here you go:

Want more help? Then why not drop us a linewe are always happy to help.

Stay safe everyone