Bookkeeping Bites – What could make your FURLOUGH FRAUDULENT?

🧐 If employers ask their employees to work whilst they are furloughed 💥 FRAUDULENT! 💥

🧐 If employers make a furlough claim for an employee who isn’t furloughed? 💥 FRAUDULENT! 💥

🧐 If employers do not pay the amount claimed in the furlough claim to the employee? 💥 FRAUDULENT! 💥

So, who says? Well, Big G says, and this week there has been alot of gas about this.

Why? Well, what do you reckon?

How much actual FRAUDULENT FURLOUGH is going on out there?

As ‘accountingweb’ detailed in a recent article (link at the end of this showdown peeps 😍), a recent survey found that 34% (yes, you did read that right, 34% – one in three employees) have been asked to work whilst they were furloughed…..

💥💥 Come on BIG G! 💥💥 Crack the whip! Kick butt! Let’s FREAK these FURLOUGHING FRAUDSTERS out!! (there is ALOT of FFFFFFF’s in today blog 😂😂😂)

We hear ya! But! What is Big G planning to do about this?

PENALTIES. Simple, expensive penalties for this down-right dirty deed…..

🤓 Deliberate incorrect claim = PENALTY!

🤓 Failed to pay employee furlough claim = PENALTY!

And the penalty?

💷 💷 30 – 100% of the tax charge that claws back the grant, IF it is a VOLUNTARY “errm, ‘scuse me Big G, I might of made a mistake’ kind of thing

💷💷 50 – 100% of the tax charge if it is a NON-VOLUNTARY “Oh hello Big G, oh shucks, you found me out’ kind of thing

Over claimed by mistake in one of your furlough claims? Claimed for NI or Pension by mistake in one of your furlough claims? 💥 DO NOT WORRY!! 💥You can make an adjustment in your next claim so that this overpayment is ‘paid back’ (so to speak).

Stay safe people 😍😍😍

To read the ‘accountingweb’ article in full, click here: