Bookkeeping Bites – All Change for the Furlough Scheme!

Furlough is on the CHANGE again from 1st September – what does this mean to you?

🧐 You will be able to claim 💥 70% 💥 of your furloughed staff’s usual wages (instead of the current 80%)

🧐 You will need to 💥 TOP UP THE EXTRA 10% 💥 (to a maximum of £312.50) to take your employee’s wages to 80% of their usual pay

🧐 The CAP on what you can claim for each employee changes to 💥£2187.50 💥per month

🧐 Flexi-Furlough arrangements are STILL available – if you want to start bringing back your employees on a part-time basis

🧐 You will need to cover the cost of the Employee’s National Insurance and pension contributions (the same as August)

For a snazzy (yeah, Big G can do snazzy sometimes 😍) table of the changes, month by month, check out this link:

🤞Remember🤞 September and October are the last months for the furlough scheme……

If you are not sure DON’T GUESS ASK!!! Getting expert advice can be the difference between a good nights sleep and a whole load of stress….

Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍