Bookkeeping Bites – Big G Checking Your Furlough Claims

‘Whats that you SAY? Big G is a-lookin’? What at?’

Your furlough claims. Simples.

Big G is contacting 💥3000 💥 employers it believes MAY need to give back some of their furlough 💷WONGA💷

🤯🤯‘Reeeeeeeaaaally? No way! You are kidding me?’🤯🤯

Nope. Sure as 🍳🥚eggs is eggs🥚🍳.

Big G is sending their 💌📨ditty 📨💌to any business they think:

🤓 Has claimed 🔼🔼more 🔼🔼furlough grant that they think they are entitled to

And / or:

🤓 Wasn’t entitled to the grant in the first place e.g. for employees that were not eligible

What can do you do if you get one of these letters?

😍 We are here for our CURRENT CLIENTS and NEW if you need assistance with one of these letters 😍

Just give us a shout, we can talk it through and see how best we can help.

For more details of Big G latest moves, check this link out from our esteemed colleagues at ICAEW:

🤩🤩Stay safe everyone 🤩🤩