Bookkeeping Bites – Remember the 14th of July!

💥 “Remember, Remember, the 14th of July” 💥Okay, Okay, it doesn’t roll like the Guy Fawkes shizzle, but this is still a REALLY important date…. In our new CORONA world!

So, why the 14th July?

🤓 This is THE date you need to REMEMBER if you are SELF-EMPLOYED and looking to claim the 2nd Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) grant

🤓 Big G has given THIS DATE (it’s the 14th of July, did we mention that bit? 😊) as THE DATE ON OR AFTER (ermmm, it’s the 14th of July by the way…) from which you work out if you have been ADVERSELY AFFECTED

“Okaaaaaaaaayyyyy, so I get the date bit, but ADVERSELY AFFECTED? Whaaaaaaaaaat?” (👍thats you saying that by the way 👍)

🤞 Remember 🤞our recent post that said adversely affected is where you have 🔽🔽 income and or 🔼🔼 increased costs DUE TO CORONA VIRUS?

So, now BIG G has given us EXAMPLES of how this works WITH the ON OR AFTER 14th July date….

You can check these out, via this link:

 Yep. They are simple

Yep. They don’t cater for every situation

😍But, hey, give Big G a break, they can act as a guide, right?😍

Our TOP TIPS are:

💥 Check WHEN your income STARTED to be affected by Corona virus, and WHEN it STOPPED being affected by Corona virus…. How does this work for you, with the ON or AFTER 14th July date?

💥 Check WHEN your increased ‘Corona-Costs’ were incurred – BEFORE of AFTER the 14th July?

💥 Make sure you have the EVIDENCE to support ANY CLAIM you do make……. Do you wanna be scrabbling around in the dark for the facts and figures, if Big G comes-a-knocking in a year’s time???

And finally 💥 BE SENSIBLE, REASONABLE & HONEST 💥 in any claim you do make…

Alot easier to explain to Big G then, ain’t it?

😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍