Bookkeeping Bites – National Payroll Week!

😍 😍 This week is NATIONAL PAYROLL WEEK! 😍😍

💥 Did you know that PAYROLLS across the UK will contribute 💷💷 325.7 💷💷BILLION spondoolies to the UK’s economy in 2020/21?

💥 Did you know if you EMPLOY and PAY people, you MUST provide your employee’s with a payslip?

💥 Did you know that the payroll TAX month runs from the 6th to the 5th of the following month, EVERY month?

So, what ❤️ our own❤️ PAYROLL FACTS?

🤓 We run payroll for over 120 employees a month,

🤓 These employees are from MANY different companies – from Director-Owners paying themselves, through to larger companies with MANY people on their payroll

🤓 Once we have run a payroll, we tell you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, like:

💥 What net pay to pay yourself

💥 What net pay to pay your employees

💥 What to pay Big G for your monthly PAYE and NI contributions

💥 What to pay into your company’s pension scheme for the monthly contributions

 Big G is good on PAYROLL INFO  Check this out:

😍 And we are here to help as well, it is WHAT WE DO! 😍