Bookkeeping Bites – Fraudulent Furlough???

🤓 What would you do with 3.5 billion quidlets? 🤓What could BIG G do with 3.5 billion spondoolies???🤓

What is so important about this £3.5 billion?

Well, this is the amount that Big G reckon could’ve been ‘lost’ due to 💥 FURLOUGH ERRORS 💥or 💥FRAUD 💥

What is Big G doing about it?

🧐 They have identified 27,000 ‘high risk’ claims that look ‘unusual’

🧐 Making further enquiries into 11,000 of those high risk claims

🧐 Asking other employers to CHECK their claims and REPAY any excess amounts

Find out more from this very useful update ditty by, it is an interesting read:…/ps35bn-furlough-payments-…?

😍😍 Stay safe everyone, and stay on the RIGHT SIDE OF BIG G 😍😍