Bookkeeping Bites – *NEW* VAT Deferral Payment Scheme


Did you DEFER your VAT payments that were due between the 💥20th March 💥 and 💥30th June💥?

Yep? Then check this little handshake from ole’ Big G…

🤝 You can use the ‘NEW PAYMENT SCHEME’ to pay back the VAT owed from this period 🤝

Why would you bother? Dead simples….

✳️ You can pay it back in SMALLER amounts by paying it over 12 EQUAL INSTALMENTS

✳️ You have MORE TIME to repay it, with a deadline of the 31st March 2022!

Don’t fancy that? Well, you have two options:

1️⃣ Contact Big G and ask for a Time To Pay (TTP) arrangement that is specific to your business

2️⃣ Pay the VAT owed, in full, by the original VAT deferral payment deadline of 31st March 2021

Make sure you like and follow our page to get the details as they emerge from Big G – as soon as we know, you will know!

Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍