Bookkeeping Bites – Flexi Furlough to 60%!

The 🏁 finish line 🏁is in sight for the friendly-flexi-furlough scheme…… With it coming to an end on the ✳️31st October ✳️

Don’t forget!!! From 1st October:

🤓 Big G contributions to your furloughed employee’s wages has been reduced from 70% to 💥60% 💥

🤓 Employers MUST then top up the extra 20% of wages

🤓 This means all employees are paid a minimum of 80%

🤓 Employers are covering the Employers NI and pension contributions

AND! All claims must be made by the 30th November!

Don’t say we didn’t 🤞🤞remind you 🤞🤞

Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍