Bookkeeping Bites – 40? The New 20?

Or is Forty the new Shorty?
What? What? What? Well, Big G has announced an ⬆️ INCREASE ⬆️ in the next grant available for the Self-Employed…
💥 DOUBLING 💥 it from 20% of three months trading profits, to 40%….
AND it is for those who temporarily cannot trade OR who are seeing a reduced demand due to the old C-Dawg….
Whether you think it is a ✅ good ✅ move on shaker Big G’s part, or still leaves support coming up ❎ short ❎ for the Self-Employed, an INCREASE it is, and not something to be sniffed at.
Detailed guidance yet to be released, but once it is, we will shout ya!
Wanna read the snazzy (errrrrm, NOT 🙈🙈) policy wording, well here goes:
Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍
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