Bookkeeping Bites – Goodbye Despatches, Hello Exports!

💥 Are you freaking ready? 💥 The whole world of VAT is about to change, and you have Big G’s Big B to thank!

Kinda gonna miss the 🇪🇺EU DESPATCHES 🇪🇺(sending stuff from one EU member state to another) and 🇪🇺EU ARRIVALS 🇪🇺(getting stuff as an EU member state, from another)

Yeah, they are, like, GONE, as of 1st January, our whole world of VAT goes topsy turvy for Brexit….

In? Well, watch out for 🇬🇧IMPORTS 🇬🇧and 🇬🇧EXPORTS 🇬🇧as the ONLY LINGO for stuff moving in and out of the UK – as we will become a NON-EU LOCATION…

🙁Sad, huh? 🙁Well, maybe not, but definitely a big change.

🧐And that is just one of them…🧐

Why not get yourself up to date with this snazzy little number from….

‘Brace for Brexit’ they call it. They have kinda got something there….

Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍😍

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