Bookkeeping Bites – Why So Quiet?

I know, it is pretty unusual for us to be so🤫 QUIET 🤫about Big G and their deep pockets…. How come? Guidance! That is what!

We are still waiting on guidance to be issued on the NEW 💥 Furlough 💥 and the new 💥 Self-Employed 💥 support…..

Big G is saying it will be with us TOMORROW (Tuesday the 10th)

So, 🤔 what DO we know? 🤔

🤓 80 is the new ’55’ and the new ‘no more furlough’ where both the self-employed and employers will be able to claim values of 80%

🤓 31st March is the new finish date for the furlough scheme

🤓11th November is the next claim date for the self-employed

Once we have received the guidance, read it, discussed it and then understood it, we will up date…

Until then, we will hold our tongues!!

😍 Stay safe everyone 😍

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