Bookkeeping Bites – What’s Your Excuse?

Dear Big G,
I am, like, dead 🙏 sorry🙏 I haven’t filed my 2019/20 tax return. Now you seem like a decent fella / fella-ress, so I just KNOW you will understand when I say that I just COULDN’T file it!!
You see, I was being 👫 HOUNDED by the kids 👫 so I took my laptop to the 🏚 SHED 🏚…. Then one of the kids started screaming, so I ran OUT of my shed, and the yale lock 🔑CLICKED🔑 behind me… EEEEEEK!! I am locked out and the SHED HAS MY TAX RETURN on MY 💻LAPTOP💻?!!
Then, the next thing I knew, there was a SINGLE, HIGH POWERED BOLT OF ⚡️⚡️LIGHTNING⚡️⚡️, that came out of the 🌩SKY 🌩and struck my shed and it just 💥🔥EXPLODED🔥💥.
So, can I like, file it when I want, and have no penalties please? It was clearly an act of god, and well, that dude is well too busy to write me an excuse note?
Yours, sorry-not-sorry (and minus a very cool laptop)……….
Fredingla Tax-payer-not-a-taxpayer-Smythe
RECKON BIG G will believe old Fredingla?
NAH NOT A CHANCE Don’t be late
💥27 DAYS TO GO💥 File it💥