Bookkeeping Bites – Additional Restrictions Grants

ARG? In Sweden, ARG means 😡ANGRY😡 And that you may be in our current state of lockdown 3……
But ARG, here, now? It is Big G’s fancy acronym for Additional Restriction 💷 Grants 💷…..
😍 “What the fiddlesticks?” 😍
Yep, ARG is a type of DISCRETIONARY GRANT, awarded BY LOCAL COUNCILS to businesses as an alternative method of financial support during the old C-Dawg.
💥 It is A GRANT to SUPPORT businesses NOT covered by OTHER GRANT SCHEMES….💥
(Check out Big G’s little ‘ditty’ on this here
So, if you think you have fallen through the cracks, this might be for you…..
😍 “Really? Is that true?”😍
Well, kinda. You see, you have to fit in the eligibility criteria for the ARGs….
To start with…. Big G states the grant is to:
🤓 Support CLOSED businesses who do NOT directly pay business rates
🤓 Support business who do NOT HAVE to close, but HAVE been impacted by Corona
😍 “What, ALL businesses?”😍
Well, we have to kind of prepare the rough ground here… Possibly, possibly not…. Big G does state the type of businesses that MIGHT be suitable…. Like:
💥 Businesses SUPPLYING the retail, hospitality and leisure sector
💥 Events businesses
💥 Businesses required to close who do NOT pay business rates
😍 “How does this good old ARG work then?”😍
Well, let’s take Winchester City Council as an example…. They have been awarded just under 💥£2.5 million💥 to be distributed as these grants………
✅ The good old peeps at Winchester are using ROUNDS to dish out the dosh.
✅ The next round is ROUND 2, open for applications from the 7th January
✅ Their take on the ‘IMPACTED BY CORONA’ slant is that your business MUST be able to demonstrate a ✳️ 30% REDUCTION IN INCOME ✳️ compared with the PREVIOUS MONTH ✳️
✅ You apply via their website, check out here for more information:
✅ Grants are awarded on a first-come-first-served basis
✅ We would advise that you sign up for your local council’s business bulletins – a link to do this for Winchester City Council’s is here
🤞🤞Remember🤞🤞 each council MAY BE different, according to the local restrictions in place for your area… So do research who your council is before taking all of the above AS GOSPEL….
Hope this is useful, stay safe people 😍😍😍