Bookkeeping Bites – January Furlough Claim Deadline!

Now, we could be reminding you, that tat this time of year, you need to buy that 💜 valentines card 💜 order that home delivered restaurant meal 💜 arrange that special little gift 💜 But nah that ain’t us.

You’d be disappointed if we did. Because the ONLY thing that is important about the 💥MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY 💥 for us is….

That it is 💥 Big G’s 💥 deadline 💥 for the submission of ALL JANUARY 2021 furlough CLAIMS 😂😂😂😂

For February, the deadline is the 💥15th 💥 (A week on Monday)

🤯 A bit weird as for all other months it has been the 14th…

🤯 Perhaps Big G is going soft and gooey in his old age, and wanted to leave the 14th to the Month Of Love…?

But it is loud and clear in Big G’s ditty about all this stuff, just check it out here

😆 Call us dull (us? Never!) 😆 but not one to miss 😆

😍😍😍 Happy smooching peeps, we love ya! 😍😍😍