Bookkeeping Bites – Big G’s Furlough Error!

Crikey! This was a bit of a 🤯🙄“hair-up-on-the-back-of-the-neck-moment” 🙄🤯

Reading that HMRC-Big-G had made a little, ah-hem, 🐔cock-a-doodle-do-up 🐔on their furlough calculator in January 🙈🙈🙈
🤓 See this article from our friends at AccountingWeb
🤓Thankfully, it does not apply to any of our clients..
🤓 And as we use the calculator as ONLY a back up to our own calculations, we allowed the hair to relax a little!!
💥💥 Oh and one more thing 💥💥 deadline for January furlough claims to be submitted by the end of today 💥💥
😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍