Bookkeeping Bites – CIS Domestic Reverse Charge Claws Back!

🐊Snap 🐊 snap 🐊!’ Big-G-the-Croc 🐊 is coming to get ya!

🤓 And today it is the turn of the building and construction industry in the form of the lovely….
💥 Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Domestic Reverse Charge 💥
🤓Just Big G’s way of clawing back some of the VAT it sometimes never sees…
🤓 Its complex, its messy, its tricky…..
Not sure it applies to you Then remember our 3️⃣THREE 3️⃣questions to ask yourself:
💥 Are you CIS registered?
💥 Are you VAT registered?
💥 Are you the middle dude as a customer or supplier and NOT the end user of what you are supplying or buying?
🤓Yep? To all three? Are you sure? Still yep?
🤓Then it is simples, the Domestic Charge DOES APPLY.
Of course, there is loads more to it and if you fancy it, take a gander at this for the real detail….
😍😍😍 Good luck people and stay safe 😍😍😍