Bookkeeping Bites – Business Rates Cut Explained!

🤦‍♀️Don’t be one of ‘those’ small business people🤦‍♀️
📢 Y’know, spouting on about how “you ain’t got any rates to pay, coz old Dishy-Rishi says its a 100% cut in the 2021 Budget”………. 📢
🤓 Well, its kinda true, but NOT FOR EVERYONE….
🤓 It ONLY applies to the following businesses:
👜👜 Retail
☕️🍻 Hospitality
🏊‍♀️🏋️‍♂️ Leisure
🤓 And the 100% reduction in rates is until the 💥 30th JUNE 2021 💥
🤓 Then it looks like there will be a 66% (catchy, we know) reduction in rates from the 💥 1st July 2021 to 31st March 2021💥
😍😍😍 Don’t get caught out – Accounting Tips R Us!! 😍😍😍