Bookkeeping Bites – Sign Up for the VAT Payment Scheme

💥Defer your VAT  payment between 20th March and 30th June last year?

💥Want to pay it back over 10 instalments?

Then you need to join Big G’s VAT deferral payment scheme for your deferred VAT payment!!

💥 It is super easy to do 💥

🤓 Log into your business’s Government Gateway account
🤓 Go to the VAT section (you need to have added this tax to your account before you can do this)
🤓 Choose the link for joining the new VAT deferral payment scheme
🤓 Follow the steps!
🤓 You can choose how many instalments you pay over
🤓 You can choose the payment date
🤓 You can print out the agreed payment plan!

And if you join the scheme BEFORE the 💥 21st April 💥 you can choose to pay over  TEN INSTALMENTS 

💥 DON’T DELAY 💥 to get the most out of this scheme, every little helps…

For more info from Big G, check out this link

😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍