Bookkeeping Bites – April Accounting Jargon Craziness!

🐰🐰‘Rabbit…..Rabbit…..Rabbit’ 🐰🐰 April is a month of never ending of accounting jargon and we are well into the thick of it…

💥Year start 💥Year end 💥 minimum wage increase💥 tax return 💥 19th April 💥 Profit and loss checks 💥 EPS 💥 Balance sheet checks 💥Tax code changes 💥5th April 💥Year end payroll 💥 6th April 💥 P60 💥

Phew! It is exhausting – thank goodness you are here May!!

❤️🧡 Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone 🧡❤️

😍😍😍 Stay safe 😍😍😍