Bookkeeping Bites – Scam Checklist? Oh Yeah!

☎️ Had a phone call? ☎️ 💷 Been told you owe tax? 💷 👮‍♀️Been told that you face arrest?👮‍♀️

Ermmmmmm… STOP🤚

Big G HMRC are telling us that tax scams are on the ⬆️ UP ⬆️

Telephone calls, emails and texts from people saying they are Big G…

Saying that…

💥 You owe tax and face arrest
💥 You are due a tax refund
💥 Your National Insurance number has been compromised
💥 You need to transfer money
💥 You need to give bank or other personal details

And there are simple ways to identify and deal with this handy little  CHECK LIST 

Find out more here:…/identify-hmrc-related-scam-phone-calls…

😍😍 Accounting tips R Us! 😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍