Bookkeeping Bites – New Tax Scam Alert!

😡😡It kinda feels like all we talk about these days is the latest HMRC scam ….. 😡😡

But, here we go again, ANOTHER ONE!

There is a new 💥 EMAIL SCAM 💥 on the rounds… Targeted at the self-employed who may be in line for the 5th Self Employed Income Support Scheme Grant (SEISS)…

❓❓What are the tell-tale signs for this scam❓❓

🤓 The email will contain a link – Big G will ❌NEVER ❌request you to click on a link

🤓 Try right clicking on ANY LINK, copy it, then paste it into a word document…. This will show you if it is a ✅GENUINE URL ✅from a ✅GOV.UK ✅address… Or something more ☢️ sinister ☢️

🤓 Check the ‘FROM’ box in your email – it should be from a ✅GOV.UK ✅email address and not!! 💥 And don’t forget to REPORT ANY SCAM EMAILS by sending them to Big G at 💥

🤓 For recent examples, check out Big G’s website page here:

😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍