Bookkeeping Bites – Big G’s Scam Top Tips!

👿😈The scam devil is about 😈👿And they want your 5th SEISS grant wonga!
So, what to look out for?
1️⃣ Newly self-employed in 2019/20? Big G ARE doing 💥PRE-CLAIM VERIFICATIONS 💥by:
✅ Sending a LETTER to ask for 💥 PROOF OF IDENTITY 💥and 💥TRADE INFORMATION 💥to be shared via @Dropbox
✅ Calling you too….
✅ You cannot make a claim without completing these checks
2️⃣ All those who may be eligible, will have received an 💥💥⌨️email 🖨letter 📲SMS 💥with their personal claim date and instructions…..
❌ These will NOT included 💥HYPERLINKS 💥❌
3️⃣ Some people WILL receive a 💥LETTER 💥asking them to call to make their claim
✅ This is genuine and is because the online claim service is not available to them
❓❓Unsure if the contact is genuine ❓❓ Then CHECK before you click, tick or share by checking out Big G’s list of genuine HMRC contacts, here
😍😍😍Keep your wonga safe people 😍😍😍