Bookkeeping Bites – Self-Employed Grants CLOSED!

Yup, that is ✅right ✅ Claims for the fifth and final SEISS grant have now ❌closed ❌
For the self-employed the Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) has been a 🧡💛lifeline 💛🧡
But gone they are…. So, what to do now?
🤓Make sure ANY INCOME from the SEISS is recorded as 💥TAXABLE INCOME 💥on your tax returns
🤓This means that ANY GRANT (even if you only claimed one) are ALL subject to 💥National Insurance 💥and 💥Income Tax 💥
🤓Watch out for the new boxes in the tax return to record this
🤓If you are not sure? SPEAK TO YOUR ACCOUNTANT!
💥💥Big G HMRC WILL BE 🔍🔎CHECKING 🔎🔍💥💥 So best be ON IT 💥💥
For more information on how to report your SEISS on your tax return, check out this link:
😍😍😍Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍