Bookkeeping Bites – Our Very Own Author!


🌟✨We have a STAR in our midst ✨🌟
💥Our very own Charmian has become an author💥
🤓 You may not have heard of the series of books called Shine on You Crazy Daisy – Volumes 1 & 2 but in Volume 3 there is going to be a chapter from little ole Charmian!
🤓 The books contain ‘inspirational stories from #BusinessWomen to encourage and motivate you through the good and tough times during their business journeys’
🤓The stories are told by the chapter author no ghost writers here!
🤓If you want to read Charmian’s chapter delightfully titled 💥Accept That Some Days You Are The Statue and Some Days You Are Pigeon💥 the book Shine on you Crazy Daisy – Volume 3 will be released on the 22nd of November 2021
🤓 A recorded a podcast which will be available on You Tube (confirmed dates for this to follow)
(Ah-hem, in case you wanna buy them, go to this link)
Now you are Famous Charmian, do I need to speak to your agent to speak to you?!!