Bookkeeping Bites – VAT Sorted in THREE DAYS?

✅It sure can!!! ✅Still standing up ❓ Still able to see through the shock ❓ Well, read on…

💥THREE DAYS 💥is all it CAN take to become VAT registered AND get your VAT number!! Yep! 3️⃣THREE 3️⃣DAYS!!
🤓For those of us who are used to the old times of, well, however many days HMRC systems took to get around to it….. This is quite a revelation
⚡️⚡️(hold on, whilst I recover myself from the shock………….
…….. Yep, that’s me, I am back)⚡️⚡️
❓❓How ❓❓Just how ❓❓
🤓Well, the key is 💥KEEP IT ONLINE 💥KNOW YOUR DATES 💥and 💥DO IT WITH YOUR CLIENT 💥(the VAT application that is, nothing else you saucy lot!)
🤓Fascinating, right? Find out more from our learned accounting colleagues Accounting Web – – and via their article here
🎩🎩Hats 🎩🎩off to ya Big G 👏👏good work 👏👏👏