Bookkeeping Bites – The Low Down on the Omicron Grants

✅Old Mr-Dish-The-Rish has been at it again ✅ Bringing some ⛑welcome pain relief ⛑for some with Big G’s Omicron 💷💷 Wallet of Support 💷💷
🤓 And this time it is for the 💥hospitality and leisure sector 💥in the form of COVID Grants
So, what is the 🎙🎙low down 🎙🎙
🤓 It is a ONE OFF grant
🤓 For 💥RATEPAYERS 💥 (who are solvent by the way) in the hospitality and leisure sector only (Dishy-Rishy quoted 🍻pubs 🥗 restaurants 🍷bars 🎥cinemas 🎢 amusement parks as example recipients)
🤓 It is worth UP TO 💥£6000 💥
🤓 Each grant is 💥SCALED 💥based on the 💥RATEABLE VALUE 💥of your business property (so bigger the rateable value, bigger the grant)
🤓Grants will be managed by your local authority
⏰Timings? None mentioned just yet, but as soon as we know, you will know.
🤓 To find out more about this and the other Omicron support measures, check out this article from the pros at Accounting Web
😍😍Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍