Bookkeeping Bites – National Minimum and Living Wage Explained

🍅 Tomado 🍅 Tomato 🍅 What’s the difference, huh?
Sometimes, the difference is BIG… Like the difference between National Minimum Wage and National Living age ……
So, come on…. ❓What IS the actual difference❓
🤓  National 💥 MINIMUM💥 wage is paid to those ⬇️  under the age of 23 ⬇️
🤓 National 💥 LIVING 💥 wage is paid to those ⬆️  OVER the age of 23 ⬆️
And they are both going up… From 1st April 2022
🤓 National MINIMUM wage ⬆️  to £9.50 an hour
🤓 National LIVING wage ⬆️  to £9.18 an hour for 21 – 22 year olds
And if you are an employer people it is 💥 YOUR 💥responsibility to make sure you pay the correct hourly rate!
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