Bookkeeping Bites – Loving to Learn from your Bookkeeping Clients!

Do you love to learn?

We do. And the best type of learning is from our clients…. They amaze me.

Each day, they smack me between the eyes with something new and completely left field…

Learning from the Unusual

For example, did you know that such things as ‘Vulva Puppets’ exist? (I tease you not – see here for the low down – be warned, the landing page may not be for the feint-hearted!)

And that’s no clickbait either. I didn’t even know these things existed before meeting my client, the amazing Lisa McGarva from Thinking Feeling Moving who is a trainee Psychosexual Therapist…

And then I learnt of this whole new world of the educational tools she uses to help with her clients… And it really is a whole new world 😀

Every time I log into Lisa’s Xero software and Hubdoc to do her bookkeeping, my mind has to stay open and flexible– something we love to be.

Learning from Nature

Another example, did you know that you can manage Lyme Disease with purely herbal remedies? I would assume with something so ghastly that it would be conventional medicine all of the way…

But no, Kate Parker of Horsechestnut Herbals has taught me otherwise. A trained herbalist who has taught me to be question every time I do her bookkeeping. It means that everything is accounted for in the correct way.

Learning from Different Styles

And how about the client that does not ‘DO’ conventional ways of communicating? No point sending emails or making a call, it just does not DO IT FOR HIM…. What works is WhatsApp. EVERY TIME.

He has taught me to be flexible and responsive because I know as soon as I drop that WhatsApp, he will be there and want an online catch up. Like immediately.

He has taught me to understand that not all clients work in the same way and that we can work with that, in anyway that helps (and yep, don’t worry, all of these communications are recorded within our cloud based practice management software Bright Manager)

These are just a few to mention…

What this means for US

These amazing clients who each day teach me incredible new facts.

Above they teach us to be flexible, questioning and open bookkeepers.

Who, in turn, are there to help, care and support them on their business journey.