Privacy Policy

In line with the new GDPR changes please find following our comprehensive Privacy Policy. It has been created under the guidance of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

In case you have no desire to look through the 15-page document (although we would advise you to do so!), here are a few key points:

If you enlist our services we are required to keep your personal details and that of your company on file. Once you stop using our services all your information will be passed back to you and not kept with us.

The information kept will ONLY be used to help us perform your bookkeeping needs and NOTHING more, we do not perform marketing, at the moment, but should that change then the proof of consent will be sought in accordance to the GDPR regulations.

Your confidentiality¬†is assured, we would never engage in “gossip” with other businesses or with our bookkeeping and accountant colleagues. If we are in a public place we do not discuss businesses in detail just the basic information that would make it clear to us who we are discussing

All our computers are password protected and regular security updates are performed.

Should you want to discuss the policy further please contact Charmian or Laura via the emails or telephone numbers available on the About Us page.

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